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Castle Angling Club News

Coronavirus: Update

Nicola Sturgeon is still urging people to "stay at home" as much as possible to contain the spread of the virus, life will remain far from normal.

They are being asked to limit their meetings to one household per day, not meeting several families on the same day.

People will also need to think about the distance they are travelling.

However, people will also be able to get back to playing on golf courses or Fishing, as restrictions are lifted on non-contact sports.

Other sports which will be allowed include:

  • angling
  • archery
  • athletics - running/jogging
  • croquet
  • cycling
  • horse-riding
  • lawn bowls
  • outdoor tennis
  • walking
  • water sports

The Scottish government says it is not an exhaustive list but people must use their own judgement and maintain physical distancing.

One-on-one personal training and coaching is also permitted if it is outside and they can keep apart.

I have had many questions asking about the cut off date for membership renewal. So I just wanted to make it clear the club secretary and office bearers have removed this restriction this year and there is no cut of date for session 2020.

I also understand that you have lost many weeks fishing this year and I have been giving this much thought, but as we are still restricted with club activities we can not hold a committee meeting to discuss this further. But we will do something to soften the blow to members before next session starts.

So happy fishing everyone "Enjoy" and do please keep your 2 meter distance just to be safe.

Kids Fish Free

At the Castle Angling Club A.G.M 2014 All members Unanimously voted for all under 16s to be charged nothing to join the club. Thats right nothing (£0.00) so get you and your kids out for a fishing adventure.

Please remember that although there is no charge for the under 16 permit written permission to fish must still be carried at all times.

You can join or pick up your 2019 permit at rods and reels fishing tackle shop in Johnstone hi street.